Longitudinal Examination

Argumentative Essay Rough Draft

Around the world, there are people who are economically unstable and in debt.

These people came from poor families, harsh environments, or low-income jobs that couldn’t sustain their taxing life. Poverty and low income derive from the usage of currency, amount of education, and jobs. “Poverty has been associated, for example, with poor health, low levels of education or skills, an inability or an unwillingness to work, high rates of disruptive or disorderly behavior, and improvidence (Poverty Sociology).” I am here to tell you that we should bring the fight to poverty because 1/7 of the human population is in this condition with a steady growth rate, victim’s health becomes vulnerable to diseases, and that psychological and physical strain is upon them.

First, 1/7 of our population is in poverty with more to come. In our world, resources are becoming more scarce and harder to find, so communities and the economy have to develop and evolve without us. This causes us to use more money than before to survive in society. This will keep on growing, until the day we fall in poverty and debt (Poverty Sociology). In developed countries that introduced industries, the demographics of families tend to fall into long-term poverty (Poverty Sociology). Cyclical Poverty in developed countries can be fluctuation in business. As a result, there is a mass amount of unemployed workers who are in poverty. Cyclical Poverty is like an illness that can spread from more than one person (Poverty Sociology). People who had an education compared to people who dropped out earn different wages. Thus, they fall deeper into poverty as they struggle to support their families(Poor Economics).

Stating in an article, “The majority of jobs are occupied by the same employees for many years, and only a small minority of employees quit their jobs in order to move to a comparable job that is better paid (Poor Economics).”

The health of most victims cases is caused mostly by poverty. With the medical bills being too expensive for the poor to afford, victims who are ill cannot receive medical attention, most likely resulting in severe cases and even death. “...the beneficial effects of stronger physique on health have been enhanced by the advance of medical knowledge and the increased availability of medical services(Poor Economics).” In Addition, these are not guaranteed to the poor.

If the people cannot sustain a healthy eating, cleaning, and sleeping habit, then they will conclude to vulnerable bodies that could easily crumble apart. The victims become very fragile and stay in that state, until there is support. The effects of poverty in countries with unstable economies commonly refer back to Nutritional deficiency. This can induce a disease seldom with low life expectancy, infant mortality, and poor health (Poverty Sociology).

With all the efforts to stay in a balanced state, the victim obtains psychological and physical strain. Over time, the person who is in poverty will eventually break down due to the effects of overworking and overthinking. This may conclude to the decrease of physique and efficiency. The strain of working over the person limits will result in sickness and negative thoughts. The common economist needs to take account of a person's psyche in order to determine their job, salary, and capabilities (Poor Economics). Case Poverty is a reference to a person’s capability to enable basic needs to establish tranquility. Commonly, there is a lack of a basic need for physical cases (Poverty Sociology). According to an article studying psychological interactions, “...high levels of the day to day struggles to make ends meet…have detrimental effects on parents, leading to psychological distress, interparental conflict, and disrupted parenting, and that these parental problems contribute to children's mental and physical health problems” (A Longitudinal Examination of the adaptation to Poverty-Related Stress Model). Since parents prioritize their work, income, and health first, parenting skills may affect their mental and physical strain to the point where it may leave a huge impact (A Longitudinal Examination of the adaptation to Poverty-Related Stress Model). As the economy struggles cleared up, the child was given more positive father-son interactions and less abusive behavior from the mother (A Longitudinal Examination of the adaptation to Poverty-Related Stress Model).Adapting to Poverty involves the usage of Primary and Secondary control coping. This means that there must be efforts to control a person’s situation and emotions. The person must also be optimistic and positive in everything they do (A Longitudinal Examination of the adaptation to Poverty-Related Stress Model). From the article of psychology, “Less nurturing and involved parenting, in turn, contributes to a host of child and adolescent psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, and disruptive behavior problems (A Longitudinal Examination of the adaptation to Poverty-Related Stress Model).”

Instead of adapting to poverty, why not marry into a family that has wealth?

Marriages are basically the last resort of a family to sell their own selves to achieve economic stability. This is usually against the will of the victim and doesn’t secure a happy ending. Even if you doing this for the greater good of the family, it doesn’t follow any great morals. More or less, the person would just be thrown away to establish connections to later learn the regrets of choosing this path. Plus, relationships are very fragile and could rip apart by a string of anger. Not everybody could marry someone unless it was a miracle. That’s why you shouldn’t play with others feelings and instead go with something that benefits both you and your happiness.

Governments aren’t able to put an end to poverty since it grows in every corner of the world at a limitless rate. Surely, the governments cannot catch up to the speed and one day fail to end the world problem. I both agree and disagree about the current status of the government and think that it may not be able to afford the efforts to face off poverty but based off of my research, governments have the ability to deal with the limitless end. In another article, it states that by allowing the minimum wage to be increased, victims of poverty will be able to dig themselves out of their problems and fend off future battles against poverty.

We need to confront and handle the effects of poverty, because 1/7 of the world is in unstable economies, people depicting bad health, and the result of mental and physical trauma.

Once the world agrees to accept and integrate poverty into the mix, many homeless and uneducated will have chances to receive support and a path to follow. The dreams of growing huge may be achieved thanks to our efforts, but in this world, there are barely any efforts other than small communities to fight against poverty. What we need is a better government. A stronger system to fight against one of the world’s biggest problems. End all the political affairs and focus on what is in front of them. Truly then we can find the peace within our societies that we were hoping for. Our world needs to solve the problems within themselves before encountering bigger complications. If not, then this will continue to grow inside of every single nation, until the day these countries fall towards their own ruins. Every person counts and can make a great impact on this world if we can work together to end the problems of poverty.

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