Creative Sac Task

Creative Writing task

September 14, 1931

Today, as the rain was tapping on my window, I looked out at the storm fogs tossing shadows onto the long green fields of spring.

As I was looking at the grass and the leaves in the trees coming soon influence with the breeze, my brain was reviewed to a period that I've been attempting to cover up away for quite a while now, but me admitting this now is all too late. Exactly five years back, under precisely the same rain and grey sky . Gatsby was killed. He was shot. Rain and dim, I let you know. His life was taken by one Mr Wilson with a gun. Right in his pool, as well! He kicked the bucket skimming on the splendid blue water of the tremendous pool in his back garden. Presently the climate was not the same rain and grey, but rather the inclination that expended me after I learnt of his unforeseen death.

That was precisely what one would call, “rain and grey." Since that day five years prior, I have not talked an expression of that Gatsby. I didn't go to his memorial service. I didn't discuss him with my better half, Tom. I have not composed nor expressed a singled expression of his existence until this very journal section. I have not remotely imparted anything concerning Gatsby. be that as it may, goodness, how I've thought of him. I've thought numerous things of that Gatsby. I've thought, that perhaps quite possibly in the event that we hadn't broken contact every one of those years prior before we rejoined, we may in any case be cheerfully spending our days and evenings together. I've believed that perhaps if Mr Wilson hadn't looked for after such an unfeeling end to his life, or any untimely end to his life whatsoever, I would have picked Gatsby over Tom in time. I've thought of imagination picnics at the recreation centre, of meals in that old, rich and radiant place of his. I've thought of stolen kisses and long embraces. I've thought of the considerable number of things I had adored, and still love, and Gatsby.

In attempting to quell any measure of an affectionate memory of him, I've deliberately thought of all the irritating, annoying yet immaterial propensities or idiosyncrasies that Gatsby utilised. For such a significant number of years, he has been attacking my considerations and calm moments in the garden, at breakfast, while resting. For such a large number of years, I've been endeavouring to influence Gatsby to vanish from my psyche. Be that as it may, indeed, I can't keep him out of my thoughts. I simply needed to compose this passage in my journal for I required an outlet to express my contemplations. As it were, I feel just as I am being unfaithful to Tom. Presently surely, I am not dozing near. I am bound physically to Tom, definitely. Be that as it may, in every way that really matters, I am candidly and profoundly bound to Gatsby. As I lie in bed around evening time, warm and ameliorated in my better half's arms, I can't resist the urge to give my mind away to thinking of that Gatsby. Along these lines, appalling blame and strife defeats me. I suspected that at this point, I would be over him. I imagined that his recollections would be dead and gone, similarly as he seems to be. Yet at the same time I envision and trust some place in my mind that some time or another he may appear at my home at this point. He'll say that everything was only a major error and that he was never shot. He'll be more established and that age will look great on him. He'll let me know of the considerable number of things he's done in these five years. What's more, it would be verifiable, even to Tom, and after he'd let me know of the greater part of his movements and enterprises, he'd request that I leave with him. And I'll say yes. That is the reason I feel unfaithful to Tom. Since I've given the decision, I would pick another man. I assume there isn't much I can do to reclaim those musings, or those fantasies, or however dreams. There isn't much to do yet to just proceed on imagining I'm devoted to Tom.

I've generally said that the best kind of young lady in this world is the young lady who is completely devoted to her husband.For along as i can remember a lady plays by all of the rules and principles that lay upon in this cruel world. A wonderful little lady is one that can volunteer minds and knowledge for survival. This is everything I believed I would one day become, but sadly I couldn't be less like this ideal lady, I am a cheater, a liar and a person who is completely unfaithful to her husband, but I can not stay with him the thoughts of Gatsby still fold my mind daily even though he is gone. I simply consider abandoning him, my husband.

Until next time

Daisy. . .

Written explanation

For my creative SAC task, I decided to select Daisy as the character. The style of writing I chose was a diary entry from Daisy’s perspective on an aspect of Fitzgerald’s story.

In attempting to link my letter to the text I offered an explanation consisting of Daisy’s view on her self and how her actions can effect multiple people around her. The words “rain and grey” were chosen to symbolise Daisy’s suffering and how her “sky” was no longer sunny and bright.

Daisy’s selfishness throughout the piece is displayed when she states “I don't want to leave Tom, but I cant take my mind off Gatsby”. This outlines that Daisy is no longer completely devoted to her husband Tom and that even though Gatsby is dead she cannot stop thinking about him.

I tried to maintain consistency with the original character of Fitzgerald’s novel the Great Gatsby by incorporating feigned moral meaning by barely changing Daisy’s personality because I wanted my piece to remain authentic.

Daisy always viewed herself as becoming a “Lady who is hopelessly devoted to her husband” and while she wanted to remain loyal she couldn't help having feeling towards Gatsby.

With reference to a historical example I wanted to highlight that Daisy is unjustifiably certain in her beliefs, whether those are negative or positive. With Daisy having very strong beliefs about her regrets on staying with her husband Tom and not having a “fullfilled life” with Gatsby, it makes her character very unliveable

In considering how to conclude my diary entry I decided to end it with Daisy saying that she will leave tom even though Gatsby is already dead. This portrays to the reader that even though Gatsby is already gone Daisy was not happy and never will be happy with Tom