Certain Writing Skills

Reflection and Evaluation

Writing is a skill that needs to be seen in way that would benefit me in my various aspects of my professional and academic life. I loved writing but the technical aspects of writing are something that was missing in most of my writing. I would not know how to structure sentences properly and suffer in the aspect of trying to make my sentences more meaningful. After this course, I understood the proper way of actually making sentence structure in such a way that it was grammatically correct and thus was able to convey the message of my writing.

Moreover, I was always afraid of trying out new words and definitions to make my writing more creative. The confidence I gained after this course helped me to be bold in expressions and writing, which made my writing more interesting to be read. Personal narrative essays and reflective essays were easier and the word flow was very much more progressive and this course helped me identify the important components of paragraphing and structuring an essay in a proper format.

Further I also became aware that writing is not what we simple see on the paper as a final piece of idea. Instead a lot of work goes in before such as getting the ideas and then jotting it down. I also learnt in the process that it takes time and we need to research what we write on when we do factual writing. Brainstorming is something that I learned to help to write down all the information that I find in a topic and then proceed to the outline and draft. Now this was all new to me. Before this course my first and final draft were the same with no differences in between. Now I learned the process of writing and the effort that need to be put into it to make it look good and most importantly so that other people will understand it. Rhetorical Writing is very helpful to me. In my write, I can clearly understand who my audience is, and it is better to tell what I want to express. Logos, pathos and ethos can better express my point of view. The audience can also have some resonance.

Sticking closer to the topic is important when we focus on what is necessary in proper writing. The style can be our own but we need to stick to the point of our thesis to make it more validated and more meaningful. This course has helped me immensely to actually progress with the part of formulating my thesis and writing relevant subjects in relating to it. After numerous time getting used to it, it took me some practice and time, but with the guidance and helped provided in this and the feedback from the instructors did help me further to understand and apply these into my writing.

Presentation is also very important in this section. Although I have only made one project, but it is different from the usual speech. We were asked to have a rhetorical. So the audience and the theme that we chose is very important. Video or the website can be displayed to the audience more complete and interesting content, to get the audience's approval. I think I need more practice in the speech part. I need to improve my oral expression ability and content. In addition, this assignment are also very important for my future work, so I can better to use some rhetoric ideas in my work, so that my clients can better understand the content.

Sharing ideas and discussions are a great way to improvise and broaden our ideas on what is right and what needs to be done. Diversity in sharing ideas and understanding and valuing others opinions are great contributions that would make better writing. This course helped me to understand the importance of this and help me contribute my ideas in the platform provided.I was able to identify that there are certain writing skills I lacked. First, I used to deviate from the topic I was writing especially when I was writing essays that were supposed to be argumentative but end up agreeing on all the points I write. Slowly I identified the necessity to actually work on according to the instructions given. It did help me to assess and improve my writing skills and basically to identify the differences in what should be included in a narrative, argumentative or persuasive essay, all these I did not know before I did this course.

I believe this course served an important purpose to improve my writing and thus it contributed largely to helping with my writing skills. In addition, I also have a lot of help in my presentation. The best thing is to make me better use the rhetorical argument, so that I can grasp the communication between me and the audience.