Difficult Part Ofthis Course

1.My strengths are I enjoy reading because as a english learner it has helped me improve my vocabulary and writing techniques. My weaknesses are I forget easily what I read. Since, things are changing a lot, I can not focus on one thing. So, I have to reread again and sometimes it takes a little while for me to understand what the author is trying to say. When I was reading a novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian I skipped some pages in order to finish the book Than I realized that I had skipped something important and I have to go back to check.

2.My strengths are as a writer Throughout this semester, I aspect that my writing skills develops significantly. I am pretty good in grammar. My weaknesses are I have problems with writing, Giving feedback on others work and proofreading my own work is one of the most difficult part in my writing process. I also had a very hard time with how to quote properly and cite when I was doing my Media Literacy essay. However, When I went to the Rawc center to get help with my citations, it makes easier forme how to cite properly.

3.I will grow my writing skills by doing free writing everyday because I think it is the best tool to grow my writing.Reading is the other way to develop my writing skills because reading helps me improve the quality of my writing skills. I will grow my reading skills by reading out loudbecause it helps you to get involved with the text in two different ways. One way is eyes when you look at the words and the other way is ears when you listen to the text.

4.Media Literacy essay is one of the most difficult part ofthis course for me because it is hard to quote and explain in my own words. Be specific is even harder for me when I looked at Media Literacy. It can be anything for example, radio, magazines, newspaper, TV, text messages, video games, advertising, viral videos, social media, memes and more. It is also difficult for me coming up with ideas and I don’t have clarity what I mean.

5.Group work is one of my favorite activity because it helps me and everyone in the groupto participate. Everyone in the group can get a chance to share their opinions, knowledge, and skills. It develops my communication and teamwork skills. I learned how to work with others who have different experiences and backgrounds. I also can learn about myself by collaborating with others that I may be a good leader than listener or I am better at coming up ideas rather than putting them together.

6.I will use the strategies for writing is “UTOPIA” Trust process, Growth mindset, mistakes okay, learn as we go, ignorance is good. For writing essaybrainstorming, drafting, revising and editing, rewriting, publishing. I also will keep in my while doing my essay how and why this piece of information matters to my argument. I will also use the strategy 20 minute writing for everyday. I will use the strategies for reading If I have to read 10 pages in two days, I will divide the pages. If I overwhelmed with the text then I will take a break and come back to read with a fresh pair of eyes.