Learnersthe Role That Readers

Chapter Two:- sheds light on a literature review of writing research focused on spelling mistakes identification in writing as relates to Arabic speaking learners and specifically the Jordanian students.

Chapter Three: - The Methodology which this study is including, the instrumentation, the setting, and the data collection.

Chapter Four:- The Results of the study . It also discusses the frequency of these mistakes in relation to the types of the writing prompts.

Chapter five:- The Summary the most important findings of the result. Additionally, it shows recommendations and suggestions

The purpose of this study was identifying the most common mistakes in the academic writing of Jadara University students.

In addition of examining the influence of the types of prompts on the number and frequency of mistakes. This chapter will discuss the major points regarding the L2 writing, teaching writing in Jordan, error analysis and topical knowledge areas writing in L2. there are many studies thatsupport teachers’ efforts to understand L2 writing and learning have been developed since EFL/ESL writing first emerged as a distinctive area of scholarship in the 1980s. In most cases each has been taken up, translated into appropriate methodologies and put to work in classrooms. However, each has typically be seen as another piece in the puzzle that need to be solved, an additional perspective to illuminate what learners need to learn and teachers need to provide for effective writing instruction. Different approaches are therefore more accurately seen as complementary and overlapping perspectives, representing potentially compatible means of understanding the complex reality of writing.and to be a part of the future solutions.

According to Hyand (2002) suggested three approaches to teaching and researching writing.

• The first approach: - concentrates on texts as the products of writing.

• The second: - focuses on the writer and the processes used to create texts.

The third: - shows the learnersthe role that readers play in writing and how they are important as an audience in creating a text. and how they can give a different idea about whatis writing and different ways of teaching it.

These methods have become impractical as teachers have learned and integrated them, to learn more about writing and to provide better teaching and learning methods. After that, the teacher may use a combination of these. But it is useful to separate them to see what we are doing clearly when we make a decision and shed light on some of the studies conducted on student mistakes around the world. So, it is not easy for anybody to deny that English is one of the most important languages in the world. It is seen by large number of people as the language of art, science, politics and economics. So when one wants to cope with what happens in the world he must learn English language and that made the ultimate aim of teaching English in Jordan is to enable students to communicate with the speakers of English using both the oral and the written English language.