Treasure Island

Summary of my book

Treasure Island is a book by Robert Louis


This book is about a boy called Jim Hawkings who has a treasure map in his hand. He decides to take himself to the island where the treasure might is. His only fear is the pirates that are standing as enemies in front of him, trying to stop him. Since the pirates from the ship are fighting to find that treasure for themselves. The pirates are fighting for the treasure ruthlessly while started a mutiny. Also kills the good crew who are trying to find the treasure for the good people

1.Compare your book to another one you have read.

Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island are both alike because they both have an main central element of their plots and also a seafaring adventure. The historic language used in both books are pretty similar. And much of the same nautical terminology ( stern, bow, aft, etc.) is utilized due to the aforementioned similarities.

The characters in the books are alike in only the basic ways.

For example, Crusoe is male, as are Long John Silver and Hawkins. Both main characters are seamen. Another example is that as Cruise tries to survive on the desolate Island, Young Jim Hawkins is trying to survive as a lone boy in a world full of men.

It is pretty obvious that both of the books are written by males of the period. And that masculinity is shown through the tone of the book. Each story makes us gain a perspective on the seafaring world of the past.

  1. Pretend you are a student in the 18th century. What would your reactions to this book be like then?

There would be similarities between the real world in the 18th century and the book. Because this book was written back at that time which makes it more reliable if I lived back then. Based on that it would not make me think of this story as something fake, I would actually believe things in the book happened for real as described. Because it was more back then people were from an older nationality, which in other words means that they had other points of view and behavior compared with today. I would also be one of the 18th-century people and probably follow their culture through the time. I think the environment in the 18th century was more like the book's history. People did fight for money, there were not maybe pirates but there we was or anything like that to win some money or bigger things than that. That is why me as a student would relate to the book since this was more likely to happen back then.

  1. Compare your book to a film or TV-series that you have seen.

The year 1765, Jim Hawkings that were a young boy that time. During the quest, he has to find Captains Flint's treasure that is buried on a secret island meanwhile he gets involved with pirates as his enemies on the way.

Pirates of the Caribbean are a series but in every part, there's always has to be something about a treasure but of course, it isn't easy to get it. There are pirates that are enemies so they going to be an obstacle for mostly Johnny Depp because he's in the movies and always are on a quest but once more there are some bad pirates in his way as Treasure Island.

Pirates of the Caribbean. A movie both children and older people can watch. It is a movie about pirates as this book. Both have a storyline about some kind of treasure, and also bad pirates are in front of the good guys way as an obstacle

  1. Compare your neighborhood to the environment in the book.

As described in the book, most of the time where the characters over sea trying to get to that island and find the treasure. So the area around there was mostly water and sand. Also that this book was written with the perspective from the 18th century. Which in order means that the environment was not the same as today. There were old buildings, pirates that have been fantasy characters in books and movies today and the list goes on. In my neighborhood, we have houses that are not older than 20 years. The old classic is gone and we got the new fresh style that does not remind me of the 18th century in anyways. We do not use ships to travel around. We have cars parked outside our houses. So there is eventually a lot of differences to compare with but these were some of them.