Body Language

5.5 Writer’s Toolbox Assignment

  1. Think about some of the material you read.(ie:Books, magazines, online articles, and so on.)

    • Describe briefly some of the texts you read that require different styles of reading.

When I was reading The Rabbits, I had to carefully read and understand the meaning behind the images. Whereas in Othello by Shakespeare I had to read to not only understand the story but also the language.I had to analyze the text to understand the story whereas for the Rabbits I had to analyze the images to understand it’s meaning.

•   When you read someone else’s communication, what are some techniques that cause you some difficulty in comprehending their message?

. When I read some else’s comminution I have most difficulty comprehending is when they use lots of figurative language. I have re-read it many times to understand to what the these and the message of the writing is.

•   Suggest some ways in which you might help yourself improve your reading skills.

I can improve my reading skills by re-reading as many times until I fully understand the text. And also read and understand figurative language before I read the any working so that I am not confused while reading. I also need to work on my vocabulary which will help me on both reading and writing,

•   What is one area where you can easily skim through the reading material?Why is that?

The beginning because it will be discussed all through the writing so I can easily skim through it.

  1. Find a visual text and take a detailed look at it.Be sure to include a good, clear copy of the visual and briefly discuss the impact of the following:

• What idea is being presented in this picture?

The person is depressed and sad. He is looking at the child with a teddy bear to either invite him or holding it as a memory of his own grandson.

• What do you see that makes you say that?

He is sitting by himself alone in the chair, with a teddy bear while looking at a person with the child. He looks like he’s thinking about something.

• What more can you find?

The old man probably misses his family or his grandson who he hasn’t seen for years. The child probably reminds him of his grandson and how he used to play with him as well, spend quality times together and take him to parks.

• What tone is communicated through the visual? What details support this?

The tone is depressive, gloomy and disheartening. The background is black and white which gives a sad tone

• How are the idea and the tone connected?

The tone is gloomy and depressive so as the man. He is sitting alone looing at the kid with the teddy bear. The background is black and white and it emphasizes the emotions of the old man.

  1. Find a short speech on YouTube, listen to it, and respond to the following statements.Please provide the URL link to your selected speech.

    • Summarize the main points of the speech in no more than two sentences.

We should always believe on ourselves, we should not let the negative thing get to us and give up. Life is filled with difficulties and obstacles but it’s up to us to overcome it of we want to achieve something, instead of blaming others for our setbacks.

•   What is the speaker’s attitude towards what he is talking about? What elements of speaking and/or listening contribute to his or her attitude? (Pay attention to posture, facial expressions, tone of voice, body language, and so on.)

The speaker is motivated and passionate. He is convincing his son that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves and word hard to overcome all the setbacks, and trials and not let the negative impacts and comments get to us. He is motivating his son to do his best.

•   What are some visual or auditory cues of the speaker that indicate a different message than what is being spoken? (Again, look at elements such as posture, facial expressions, tone of voice, body language, and so on.)

At the end when he says “ I’m always gonna love you no matter what. No matter what happens. You’re my son and you’re my blood.”. He was pushing his son to try his best, instead of finding someone to blame for the failures and difficulties he may have faced. He was motivating his son to believe in himself and overcome his obstacles. But now he is saying he will love his son no matter what.