Work Order Id Numbers

In the e-book process you first write the content. Content such as the body of the work, the table of contents, index and sometimes a glossary. Then you have to format the content and add pictures and charts if you want and depending on what is required of the book. Then you have to design a cover that will appeal to the customer, then you convert it from word document to EPUB or PDF or Mobi format. Then you check for errors again in the new format and compare it to the customers copy. Then you save to disc and then ship per customer instructions.

In the standard process of making a physical book, you have to write the content, check for spelling, grammar and fact checking errors. Then format content to fit a particular paper size. Then you print it and collate, which refers to gathering and setting the pages in a certain sequence. Then you bind it, which means to fastened paper together to make books. Then you run quality control by checking the finished project against the copy that a customer has given. Then you shrink wrap the project together. Then you box it per customer instructions and add shipping label, then you ship it. (Printing, May 15, 2018)

The customized e-books are different by which they are a digitized version of a paper book. E-books or otherwise called electronic books. They become a process because each one of the books had a different production step than the other ones. They had different contents, layouts and cover designs. Some were made up of reprinted of articles that the customer has supplied. Some of the order of e-books were larger in content than the smaller ones and had to be run through a desktop publishing software. Then the e-books had to be converted to the desired format at the college requested. Plus each e-book had its own job number assigned to it telling the worker what steps needed to be completed for which each e-book was completely different from the one that proceeded it. This made it time consuming for the employee because no two e-books were the same. Each book was unique to the professor and to the particular semester. And it was a must that each book arrived on time. Overall the process of making these e-books was very work intensive.

The primary stakeholders in a typical corporation are its investors, employees, customers and suppliers. So the primary stakeholders in the Global Green Books Publishing would be Jim King and Brad Mount, the two who started the company three years ago in Philadelphia, PA. They are affected by this project because this is their company. Other stakeholders would be a project manger named Samantha and their part-time employees. She is affected by the project because she is the project manager and is one in many in charge of the main floor of production. Plus the contracts they Jim and Brad held at the beginning of their startup. They are affected because if the company goes under they are going to lose products that they have invested in. The third year contract with a college would also become a stakeholder. They would be affected by which of not having their product when promised.

It important to have a define product scope to make sure that the things that need to be done are getting done when promised. Such as documenting a list of things do be done and how to do them. A step by step on how the process of making the e-book go to be made. Project goals for each e-book and each feature that each individual e-book must have. And finally the deadlines agreed upon for each of the e-books in question. If you do not have a defined scope in place you may make mistakes or may even forget steps along the way. Your customer may see the product vision in one way and the manufacturer may vision the product another way. Its important to be on the same page at the same time. In other words it is what needs to be done and the tasks that must be done to deliver a product. Its also important to nail down the project scope early on so that you can create a schedule to keep cost down and to keep the project completion on time and so you can schedule your part time employees accordingly. Also when the part time employees come in they will know where to start.

The information that I would like my supervisors to have would be a list of things that need to be done and the dates that they need to be delivered. I would also like them to have a chart describing the step by step process of the product being made, that way if something goes wrong they could look at the chart and see what needs to be fixed or if the could produce that product somewhere within the building. I would also like my supervisors to have a list of raw materials that they may need, whether already in stock or on the list to be ordered. It also would be help to have a chart of who knows how to to what within in the production process, that way if someone calls off you can replace them with someone else who knows how the process works. If possible have a standard of time that it takes to create the e-book from start to finish to be able to keep track of costs per day. I would also like my supervisors to have a copy of the product that the customer has agree upon of what they want the product to look like when finished, so that the quality control has something to compare the finished product to.

Having a standard job template would be beneficial to Global Green Books. If they had a standard template they could start each e-book the same up to a point where the each e-book changes. It would also be helpful to know what each one would look like a whole book. If they had a template they could could start each book the same. They could set up a planning program for each book in the pre-production phase. Then their employees would know where to begin when they came into work to start the day. One of the advantage for the supervisor would know how many persons and who they needed to schedule for that particular day.Having a template would also be useful in the way of anyone having questions of how the e-book should look like when finished.

The standard job template should include all of the work order ID numbers and the quantity of each e-book. It should include step by step instructions on what goes into making that particular book on hand. It should include dates when each individual e-book needs to be completed and where it needs to be delivered. It should include a sample of what the customer expects the e-book to look like when finished, that way there is no question to what the customer wants.

The first phase is the Receive Order phase. This is where the college sends the information to Global Green Books what they want. A customer representative will double check the order received. He will verify the customers information and the dates that the product need to be completed.

The second phase is the Plan Order Phase. This is where everyone get together to plan what is going to be put into the books. Also where each individual is assigned to a task. There also where they decide what equipment is needed to do the task. Estimated time and costs are also figure into the mix of this phase. Scheduling of the part time employees is also figured out.

The third phase is the Production Phase. This is where desktop publishing tasks are performed. This is where the e-books are converted from the a desktop publishing file to a e-book file. Such as EPUB or Mobi. This is where quality control takes place. Quality control will take a finished product and compare it to the customers order to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be. Then all of the e-books are produced. Then a second quality control check is performed on each e-book then it is shipped to the customer.

The fourth phase is the Manage Production Phase. This is where a supervisor will keep track of all of the progress being made through out the day. The supervisor will dole out the work assignments to each employee as the come in to work. They will keep track of all costs of making the e-book and the keeping the rework to a minimum. The supervisors will also keep track and fix all delays in the production process.