Mail Communication

Discussion Questions

Part I: The Advantages of E-mail Communication

The topic of the essay is “The Advantages of E-mail Communication”. The position taken by the writer on the topic is that e-mail communication has a number of advantages that make it a suitable medium of communication, especially in the currently highly technological world. In a well-structured and coherent essay, the writer lists the advantages of email communication. What is evident is that the essay has a plan of development. In particular, the writer begins by providing an overview of the subject of email communication, which serves as the introduction. The last sentence in the first paragraph – the advantages of e-mail communication are many, and the chief among them are its speed, low cost, and convenience – is the thesis statement. The plan then follows by discussing the three advantages of email communication in the body of the essay, each in a separate paragraph. Finally, the writer concludes the essay by re-stating the major points discussed in the body of the essay.

Being the author of the essay, after identifying the topic of study, I began to look for material that could help answer the research question.Using the intended subject of the essay, I researched through various online databases, including ProQuest, EBSCOhost, and Google Scholar and this led to the identification of recent resources that address the subject. I keenly read through all the relevant articles, while taking summary notes. After realizing that I had enough information that could help me in writing the essay, I embarked on the writing process. I wrote the draft and afterward prepared the final version. The essay comprises three parts – introduction, body, and conclusion, and has been well written to hook the reader. In particular, the essay begins by offering a short introduction of e-mail communication. A large part of the introduction has been written in first person so as to engage with the reader. Besides, the thesis statement is well written to hook the audience. Just by reading the last sentence of the introduction, one already understands what the whole essay will talk about, and in which paragraph. Further, each paragraph begins with the major point in the first sentence and provides supporting information and examples. Such coherency undoubtedly hooks the reader, making him/her read the whole essay.

Considering that the topic of the essay is “the advantages of e-mail communication”, the first supporting point is that e-mail communication is faster. The writer explains that one can send an email around the world in a matter of minutes with limited effort. The second supporting point is that email communication is inexpensive. In backing this point, the writer explains that many people have access to e-mail services for free. However, if some people might need to pay for the service, the cost does increase relative to the number of messages sent. Similarly, the costs of using e-mail are very low as compared to the costs that would otherwise be incurred in long-distance phone bills or postage services. The third supporting point is that e-mail communication is convenient. The rationale is that email communication allows people to send a message to many individuals at the same time with limited effort. The somewhat informal nature of e-mail communication also makes it convenient as a mode of communication. Readers of email tolerate more mistakes as compared to readers of conventional mail.

Even though the essay conforms to the typical introduction-body-conclusion format, it is evident that the writer uses “the order of decreasing importance” method to organize the entire essay. The author sorts the advantages of e-mail communication from the most important to the least important. The essay then concludes by restating the key points presented in the paper, and bases on the discussed advantages of e-mail communication to envision its performance in future. However, the writer does not discuss the disadvantages of e-mail communication in the essay probably because e-mail communication has no disadvantages or the advantages by far outnumber the disadvantages. Another reason could be because the title of the essay is restrictive.